Thursday, March 14, 2013


Eating lower carbs tends to leave me with a sweet tooth. In order to curb the craving I will often try drinking more water first, but since we know that doesn't always work, try eating 1/4-1/2 cup of pumpkin. We keep this in our house so its accessible all the time. Try not to be scared of carbohydrates. Especially the ones found in nutritious veggies like pumpkin. A 1/2 cup only contains about 9 carbs with 5 grams of fiber. I will not be able to give you net carbs for all recipes (or even how many carbs are in most), but this 1/2 cup serving will yield about 4 net carbs.


I realized that I have only published three recipes and two of them involve tofu. This is not because I eat it all the time... I just happened to have it in my refrigerator this week. I have not cooked with it in years, but having a vegetarian past and knowing you can make it taste like almost anything, Im sure I will be using it more often... especially to take the place of bread! :-)


So this recipe comes with a few twists. I like to use ground turkey when cooking most meals that call for ground beef for my family. I also switched out the bread crumbs for rolled oats. It just makes me feel as though I am making it a little bit healthier... especially when I am adding a good amount of BBQ Sauce to the meal ;-) These turned out delicious (my hubby asked if we could add more BBQ sauce to the recipe next time, but then again... he puts BBQ sauce on almost any dish, so I will let you be the judge).
Also, I apologize for all of my pictures that come out with that yellow tint. I am using my cell phone camera in a kitchen that does not have great lighting.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I decided to try something new today. I had Lite, Firm Tofu in the fridge. (Eggs just weren't going to cut it this morning). An entire package with 4.5 servings contains Less than 5 carbs. I also had some diced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Hmm... tofu pizza? It was worth a try. I fried the tofu first, placed my broiler rack on the third oven shelf and set the broiler to 500°. Because I only had diced tomatoes and not tomato sauce I decided to quickly saute some garlic in a pan, add the can of tomatoes, salt and pepper, and cook on medium high heat while the tofu fried. It only takes about 10 minutes for this to thicken and form a quick sauce. I will say that for this recipe in the future I would use a more flavorful sauce. Here is the recipe: